Brankas Ichiban HS-80A HSC-80A

brankas ichiban hs-80A hsc-80A

Brankas Ichiban HS-80A HSC-80A (Dial & Alarm Safe)

Outside : W590 x D593 x H760 mm
Inside : W450 x D355 x H560 mm
Net Wight : 155/341 Kgs/Lbs
Capacity : 90 litres
Standard : 2 hour JIS-TS
Accessories : 1 adjustable shelf &  built in drawer in lock
HS = with alarm, HSC = without alarm

Features :
– Newest design well matched to any modern home and office
– Non copyable by standard technology dimple key for highest security
– 80A and above sizes equipped with changable combination number up to 1 million or more possibilities
– Automatic re-locking device